Creating to Grow and Love.

Creative Connection. Connected Creating. Collective Creating.  Collective Connection. Balance. 

Tools of Adornment

At Waist Ware we find value in creating art to show appreciation of ourselves and others.  Our bracelets and waist beads are made with beads of stones, glass, wood, ceramic and other materials.  Currently, we offer "ready to wear" pieces in beautiful colors and patterns.  Visit our online store and order yours today.

Custom bracelets and waist beads are curated with your delight in mind.  We will speak with you about your intentions and share the options we offer.

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Gathering Our Femininity

At Waist Ware, we are honored facilitate Circles where you and your guest will create meaningful jewelry and unforgettable memories. We'll provide all materials for women and girls to design their very own waist beads and bracelets.  We believe in merging cultures and sharing productive time in a safe and sacred space.

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Communicating with Art

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Circle Keepers

Brandon Daurham

Brandon Daurham is  a Brother, researcher, author and social entrepreneur. As an youth  advocate and devout restorative justice practitioner Brother B (as he is  affectionately called) has worked with youth in juvenile detention  centers, group homes, elementary schools, alternative high schools,  universities as well as on the streets of Chicago. Brother B is  founder/director and C.E.O (Community Excellence Oriented) of various  grassroot initiatives including Feed the People (Chicago), U.N.L.O.C.K.  Campaign (Prison Ministry), Stand Up To Sit Down Street Mentoring  program, Community Cardio and Our Future is Bright Tutoring and  Mentoring Services. Brandon Daurham is committed to playing his part in  the cultural, spiritual and economic renaissance of indigenous people.

Antonio "Toni Mono" Monix

Antonio "Toni Mono" Monix  is a progressive young professional and artist. He pursues art through  graphic design and spoken word.  He's been afforded several leadership  positions including President of Youth As Resources ( of Chicago Area Project  ), as well as Team Leader/Administrative Assistant of Lyric Mentoring.  Antonio has performed over 200 times, spoken at several forums, and  facilitated events and workshops to bring about a more collective  community.  Currently, Antonio is mentoring youth on the south side of  Chicago at a community center called Keep Loving Each Other.   In the future, he seeks to use his creativity and make connection to  his African community globally and with communities around the world.

Kenisha Jamison

Founder of Waist Ware.  

Circle Hostess at creative communal events.  She shares the wholistic benefits of gathering in Circle - a relationship building experience.  Solutions for growth are presented at the organic art workshops she facilitates.  As a Circle Keeper, she promotes the indigenous practice of communal bonding through self-expression.  Kenisha commits to developing cohesive relationships and effective communication tools, one Circle at a time.

Featured Facilitators

Ronecia Hall

Waist Bead Designer. Gem Consultant. Circle facilitator.

J. Brilliance

Journey Jamison is the co founder of Waist Ware and daughter of Kenisha Jamison. She is an apprenticing circle keeper in restorative justice and community activism. The teenage facilitator specializes in the design of your waist bead as well as the individual comfort of each attendee. Aside from her work at Waist Ware she is an aspiring poet, playwright, and orator. As a homeschooled student she is able to work hand in hand with her mother to create a legacy that all women can inherit. 

Melanie Brownfield

Melanie Brownfield has  been painting and writing since age 12. She is dedicated to a healing  environment while providing a safe place for creative expression. As a  Columbia College Chicago design graduate, she understands the social and  emotional importance of creativity. Join her in a life changing  experience where you will be replenished by your own creative energy and  will. 

Embody Physique

Embody Physique is  a holistic preventative healthcare organization that inspires better  living through physical education providing fun, innovative ways to  embrace an active, healthier lifestyle.  At Embody Amoor,  an international online platform that encourages community,  redevelopment and interaction, we set a new obtainable and sustainable  quality lifestyle standard by highlighting and connecting the many  businesses, individuals and organizations that contribute to the  development and empowerment of our communities. Our programs include  everything from sensuality workshops to personal training services. 

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith  is an urban vegetable gardener and earth stewardess with expertise in  environmental sustainable garden practices.  As a master gardener she  has worked in various leadership roles within the urban agricultural  arena with the Chicago Botanic Garden, Urban Habitat Chicago, Green Lots  Project, We Farm America and others.  Jacqueline is the owner of GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting Inc.  Her research on food security in Chicago has played a significant role  on her entrepreneurial journey of empowering city residents to grow  their own produce through organic methods.

Community Heals

Community Heals T R

Jeanine Valrie Logan

Jeanine Valrie Logan  is a budding herbalista, birthworker, breastfeeding counselor, youth  ally, homebirth mama, food justice advocate, registered nurse, future  midwife. She has worked for various organizations advocating for birth  justice and safe motherhood and is the current state representative and  member of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing. Jeanine  is also a mama blogger and blogs regularly about breastfeeding, birth  justice, and midwifery in the Black community. She is the co-author for  the newly released book Free to Breastfeed: Voices of Black Mothers. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters.


NaturalMi  hand crafts skin and hair care products that make you look, feel and  smell great!  Their products contain natural ingredients that promote  the health of skin and hair.  Natural Mi,  believes the use of fruit, nuts, berries and herbs aid the prevention  of dis-ease. They aim to create and provide natural, quality products  and educate with consultations and work shops. Get, give and share  NaturalMi with friends and family.

C.M. Fox

C.M. Fox,  or when thought of in terms of dance, Nahledi Ma'Ri is an author, and  belly dance instructor. Having been introduced to the belly dance art  form as a teenager at 17 years of age, now 28 she has gone on to perform  on many stages nationally, and locally showing her talent. One of her  primary goals, is to bring this dance originated in the lands of Africa,  back to the community as a form of healing of the feminine spirit. As  an author, her work reflects the struggle within her community, and how  we can, and must do better. Her book Converstions of a Conscious Black Girl can be found online.

Revolutionary Motherhood

Revolutionary Motherhood, Mazi Kadzai

Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris  is a musician, writer and speaker who believes in the healing power of  the Most High, love, vibrations and sacred geometry and has developed a  "phont" that he uses to share insights gained through his spiritual  practices.