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We intend to personalize our services and products.

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Waist Ware

Sacred Keepers (side) 4445 S King Dr., Chicago, IL 60653

(312) 585-6533


Monday - Sunday: By appointment


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Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab & Garden

We are grateful to host indoor and outdoor, one of a kind Circles in Chicago at SKSL through their generous Space Share Program.  The garden is SKSL's outdoor classroom. Sacred Keepers is a place where experiments happen through lively conversations, informative workshops and interactive, inquiry-based learning.

Featured Facilities

Knowledge of Self - Wholistic Training & Development Center

Knowledge of Self - Wholistic Training & Development Center is a safe place for ideas, concepts, people and events that support the Black diaspora in elevation, development, transformation and success at achieving the 3 coveted goals of freedom, justice and equality.  A holistic community center designed to provide programs that stimulate  and cultivate the body physically, mentally, spiritually and  emotionally.

Englewood Enterprise Gallery

Englewood Enterprise Gallery  is a place where people can learn to use tools and develop creative projects. Englewood Enterprise Gallery is a place for individuals, organizations or small business enterprises to pick up valuable skills and networking potential.  Also, a space for us to share and save cost, while  uplifting humanity using art and creativity. 


waist beads chicago jewelry cyrstals beads healing womb sacred sacral

What ages are invited to join a Circle?

Waist Ware creates multi generational spaces to grow and love  by creating art.  Every Circle is different and curated to accommodate all guest.  . Contact us today. 

Do I need to bring anything to a Circle?

Each Circle is different.  We intend to pre register all guest to ensure a great time.  Most times, just yourself in comfortable clothing is all you will need to bring. 

Can I bring a guest to a Circle?

Please contact us if you'd like to invite an additional guest.  Thereare limited seats at each Circle.  We love to share our Circles with groups and offer private Circles.  We have 2 locations and will also come to your location. 



Each Circle will close thirty minutes after start time.  To ensure a safe space for all, late admittance is not allowed.



Guests sign waivers that clearly state our intent of service and limits of liability.  We cover the use of materials, testimonials, and photos.



We want to hear all experiences and aim to continue enhancing.  Please let us know how we can do that.