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Waist Ware

Sacred Keepers (side) 4445 S King Dr., Chicago, IL 60653

(312) 399-6533


Monday - Sunday: By appointment


Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab & Garden

We are grateful to host indoor and outdoor, one of a kind Circles in Chicago at SKSL through their generous Space Share Program.  The garden is SKSL's outdoor classroom. Sacred Keepers is a place where experiments happen through lively conversations, informative workshops and interactive, inquiry-based learning.

Featured Facilities

Knowledge of Self - Wholistic Training & Development Center

Knowledge of Self - Wholistic Training & Development Center is a safe place for ideas, concepts, people and events that support the Black diaspora in elevation, development, transformation and success at achieving the 3 coveted goals of freedom, justice and equality.  A holistic community center designed to provide programs that stimulate  and cultivate the body physically, mentally, spiritually and  emotionally.

Englewood Enterprise Gallery

Englewood Enterprise Gallery  is a place where people can learn to use tools and develop creative projects. Englewood Enterprise Gallery is a place for individuals, organizations or small business enterprises to pick up valuable skills and networking potential.  Also, a space for us to share and save cost, while  uplifting humanity using art and creativity. 


What ages are invited to join a Circle?

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Can I bring a guest to a Circle?

May I come late to a Circle?

Why should I create waist beads?



Each Circle will close thirty minutes after start time.  To ensure a safe space for all, late admittance is not allowed.        Email:  


Guests sign waivers that clearly state our intent of service and limits of liability.  We cover the use of materials, testimonials, and photos.          Email:


We want to hear all experiences and aim to continue enhancing.  Please let us know how we can do that.           Email