Tools of Adornment

At Waist Ware we value creating art to show appreciation of ourselves and others.  Our bracelets and waist beads are made with beads of crystal, stone, glass, wood, ceramic, and other materials.

Waist Ware

Embrace your Womaness

At Waist Ware, we offer customized, co-creating experiences designing waist beads.  Choose your own colors, stones, and accents to honor your intentions. 

We also have prestrung "Ready Ware" available in beautiful colors and patterns. 

Wrist Ware

Tokens of Intention

Our  bracelets are made with beads of stones, glass, wood, ceramic, and  other materials.  Currently, we offer "ready to wear" beautiful colors  and patterns.  

Custom  bracelets are curated with your delight in mind.  We will speak with  you to align your intentions with the options we offer.