Waist Beads Chicago

Custom Adornments

We feature hand crafted waist beads and bracelets.  Waist beads are an age old tool used by women to express and maintain her self-worth.  Choose meaningful jewelry to be adordned with awareness. 

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Creative Circles

We celebrate tradition and gather in Circles to practice self and group affirming activities.  We set a collective intention and witness stories to promote wellness. 

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Waist Ware Blog

Witness Our Story

Waist beads and Circles are a part of our "family - care regimen".  Follow Waist Ware's Blog as we share more testimonies and stories of our journey building a network of Circles.  Together, we will develop cohesive relationships and enhance our world, one Circle at a time.

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The  focus of Waist Ware includes all members in the community.  Please take  a moment and fill out the Brotherhood Circles questionnaire to help us  better serve our community. Brotherhood Survey

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Waist Ware understands the importance of inclusive, multi-generational bonding and balance.  Please take a moment and fill out the Community Circles questionnaire to help us better serve our community.            Community Survey